Saturday, September 10, 2011

Computation Error

This actually happened
To all that knew me, my old laptop was known as the 'invincible computer'-a computer that, no matter how many High Definition game trailers and picture I crammed into it, it still kept running.

For two and a half years, my faithful old Windows Vista laptop (that's right, Vista) powered on. There were a few theories on how this happened: some say the inside of the computer was actually a black hole that fed into an alternate dimension that stored all of my data in place of an actual hard drive. I remember we actually checked the memory status once, and the computer was miraculously storing MORE data inside it than it was actually built for (don't ask how, we don't know either).

But finally, the invincible computer could take no more, and on Sunday, 28th of August 2011, she finally suffered a massive brain hemorrhage power surge and fried it's power board. Rest in peace, old faithful. Rest in peace.

So you may be wondering; how in the hell is he posting this comic, and what is this strange new look to the usually atrocious artwork I usually come here to see?

...ok, so it's still pretty bad.

But as you may have read, Charlotte actually let me borrow one of her laptops. Sure it's a couple of years old, and its battery has been plugged into the power source for so long it can't actually run without it (much like a crack addict), but those I can handle. is, however, a Mac.